Tennis table

After making the Crutch table I tried to join objects in a similar manner to make a base for a coffee table. The wooden tennis rackets took some time to drill through and when bolted together are quite solid. Three tennis balls were then fastened to the top of each racket and a triangular frame was cut to fit on top. The reinforced safety glass is still to be placed wit in this frame.



One response to “Tennis table

  1. This is really cool.. it has very mid-century modern look to it.. even a hint of Ames or Frank Llyod Wright Furniture.

    Do you have a Material List and Diagram Plans.
    How did you cut the Table Top, is it in 1, 2 or 3 piece sections?
    How do you insert the Glass or Mirror, without it falling through?
    I don’t see a bevel or edge to support it.
    Thanks in advance, Tom

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